ISO Certifications

On 4 May 2015, Peregrine was certified by the International Standards Certifications review committee for ISO 9001:2008 for our Quality Management System., specifically regarding Peregrine’s capabilities for the Provision of Cyber Security, Information Warfare, Computer Network Defense services to U.S. federal government, military and commercial entities.  This certification QAC/R01/1010 lasts until 5 May 2018 and demonstrates that our staff has been assessed and audited in complying with known international standards for excellence in the eight quality management areas noted below:

·         Principle 1 – Customer focus

·         Principle 2 – Leadership

·         Principle 3 – Involvement of people

·         Principle 4 – Process approach

·         Principle 5 – System approach to management

·         Principle 6 – Continual improvement

·         Principle 7 – Factual approach to decision making

·         Principle 8 – Mutually beneficial supplier relationships


In addition, Peregrine was awarded the ISO 27001 certification on July 31, 2015.  This standard entitled Information technology— Security techniques — Information security management systems — Requirements, has to requirements, which cover the following areas:

·         Scope of the standard

·         How the document is referenced

·         Reuse of the terms and definitions in ISO/IEC 27000

·         Organizational context and stakeholders

·         Information security leadership and high-level support for policy

·         Planning an information security management system; risk assessment; risk treatment

·         Supporting an information security management system

·         Making an information security management system operational

·         Reviewing the system's performance

·         Corrective action