Commercial Cyber Security

Peregrine is also focused on the commercial aspects of cyber security as well, and we have started to make significant inroads in three key areas over the last year:

Cyber Security Insurance – Peregrine has been selected by three major cyber liability underwriting programs to provide training of pre- and post-breach activities to its customers, as well as cyber forensic support.  We have personnel with unparalleled experience to employ comprehensive proactive measures to control cyber risk, and swift reactive measures to mitigate a cyber-attack, who have conducted network assessments on a daily basis, and have been protecting systems with a variety of risk mitigation efforts for the last decade.  Peregrine analysts have developed and currently maintain a network forensic analysis capability to enhance response to, support of, and investigation into suspected data breaches to provide a clearer view of the exploits, vulnerabilities, and tactics, techniques, and procedures used to cause the incident(s). 

Airport Cyber Security – We are allied with ServiceTec and we can provide consultative guidance, support, and assistance, and instruction in identifying how security testing & evaluation, penetration testing, incident response, security detection tools/techniques, advanced persistent threat monitoring, risk assessments, and security management tools can be integrated into a continuous monitoring capabilities, as well as a long-term comprehensive approach.  In addition, we will also make recommendations and assist the IT staff in remediating any and all vulnerabilities and ensure that mitigation strategies are in place to move forward. 

PCI DSS – Merchants processing credit cards are required to pass an annual assessment of PCI DSS compliance. The assessment type depends on the number of credit card transactions a business processes and whether those sales are made from a physical location or over the internet.  There are four different versions of the Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs), and each one is intended to address different circumstances depending on how a company stores, processes or transmits cardholder data.  In all cases, Peregrine can help support this process and support PCI certification.