Cyber Coaching

In general, Cyber Security is divided into two areas of protection: policy or procedural actions and technical controls. The best defense is a combination of both areas. Peregrine is able to combine the technical controls (hardware and software solutions) with the policy, processes, education and training, into a holistic and long-term effort to continuously defend our clients' data from all threats. Our goal is to implement sustainable methodology that works within your organizational culture. Peregrine has extensive expertise, not only in cyber security, but also cyber coaching and consulting efforts for both commercial and federal customers. We are “yes” security experts, who work with an organization to help them develop the best practices that can be implemented within their own corporate structure. Our expertise lies in our senior staff, with over 25 years’ experience in key information technology, cyber security, and communication positions in both the commercial market and Department of Defense. Peregrine’s cyber professionals possess multiple professional certifications including CISSP and CDFE. Additionally, we have a number of both prime and sub-contractor contracts and task orders with a variety of teammates, all of which have been completed on time and budget.

In addition, Peregrine’s personnel have unparalleled experience to employ comprehensive, proactive measures to control cyber risk, and support companies before cyber-attacks. Examples of these cyber coaching tasks include the following:

  • Security Assessments / Audits
  • Penetration Tests
  • Risk Assessments
  • Developing and Updating of Policies, Procedures, and Risk Management approaches
  • Training and Education Support

These tasks were most recently conducted for a large insurance provider in the Mid-Atlantic area

Finally, Peregrine offers assistance with cyber procedural policy interpretation, guidance and industry best practices, and can further support this area by performing risk management framework support services to include risk assessments and cyber security documentation review. We have recently provided cyber coaching support to the following:

  • DFARS 252.204-7012 Compliance;
  • Cyber Coaching in a Pre-Breach Environment; and
  • Cyber Forensic Support Cyber Coaching for PCI Compliance