Energy Security and Cyber

Peregrine is the prime contractor to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense Operational Energy Plans and Programs (OASD/OEPP), the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Energy) (SAF/IEN) and the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (AF-A2). Our contract is to conduct an Energy Security study on remotely piloted aircraft (RPA). The objective of this study is to apply the Air Force Energy Security Framework to the RPA kill chain on notional RPAs mission and identify threats and vulnerabilities to the power supply. We will collaborate with appropriate commands to attain informational assets for use in these studies. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) will then propose risk mitigation strategies based on this information. Once combined with the research information, these strategies will be used to tie operational energy risks to mission impacts for remotely operated missions. The outcomes of this effort will help to inform and prioritize mission resilience measures in a budget-constrained environment. This will require Peregrine staff to execute a thorough assessment of the base energy supply and RPA mission components (e.g., servers, communication datalinks).  Peregrine is also currently supporting the US Navy, CNIC Energy Branch (N441) with a Renewable Energy SME on a separate task order.  Together, these two effort demonstrate our expertise in analyzing energy from a security and cyber aspect.