Peregrine analysts developed and currently maintain a network forensic-analysis capability to enhance response to, support of, and investigation into suspected data breaches to provide a clearer view of the exploits, vulnerabilities, tactics, techniques, and procedures used to cause the incident(s). We currently support a major underwriter of cyber-security insurance as forensic experts. Our forensic personnel offer a unique skill set, having supported the IA tasks for the DOD since 2004, and assisted on hundreds of efforts to detect the pattern of events, support the containment of the incident, and coordinate the analysis so as to determine the attack vector, system weaknesses, and root causes. 

Our current personnel include:

  • A highly skilled former FBI Master Forensic Examiner with 17 years of expertise in Project Management, American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLAD)
  • The former Director of Forensics for Paraben Corporation, which developed the P2 Commander software

Collectively, the Peregrine Cyber Forensic team has exceptional knowledge of cyber threat assessment, risk analysis, and cyber deterrence with forensic examination and investigative experience. Its expertise spans a wide range of network defense tools and services to advanced network systems and information offense cybersecurity solutions. When a breach is alleged, Peregrine's services include security incident response, forensic analysis, patch management, vulnerability assessment, testing, and log analysis. Our cyber professionals understand the critical need to collect, preserve, and transfer digital evidence in a forensically sound manner in accordance with legal and industry standards.