Post-Breach Options

With its depth of experience in cyber-attacks, Peregrine’s cyber security experts are ready to deploy swiftly, comprehensively, and economically. When an insured’s data is compromised, it takes a team to respond to the loss to best protect both the insured and the insurer and identify key forensic evidence to support the litigation that will likely follow. Peregrine personnel are poised to assume the team lead or serve as one of the critical team players to stop the data loss and build a prompt and sound plan of action. Cyber claims key response includes:

  • Stop the breach and the resulting data loss
  • Implement a forensics effort to determine the cause of the breach
  • Work closely with legal counsel to determine the loss to the insured, customers, suppliers and employees
  • Coordinate closely with claims adjuster to ensure the scope of policy terms/services is met and costs are contained during the on-going claims response
  • Identify contact information for the businesses and individuals affected by the breach/attack and execute the necessary notifications in accordance with state and federal regulations
  • Coordinate with selected public relation firm(s) to minimize the impact of the breach with media/social networks
  • Work with counsel to provide the necessary data to evidence the cause and scope of the breach and any other data needed to support their respective function(s)

Peregrine recognizes the inherent risk in doing business in today’s technology- dependent world, and in a Data Breach scenario, we will ensure that a call center is identified, trained and ready to dispatch. Peregrine can also work with the carrier’s approved call center services, to make sure that they are trained and given the correct scripts, in order to provide the correct information, in a timely and accurate manner. Peregrine recognizes that public relations is paramount in these actions, and will work toward a quick and quiet resolution of the problem.  Peregrine provides cyber defense and restoration services in support of the cyber-attack response team—the first priority in a cyber crisis is containment. The Peregrine team will rapidly assist the insured in stopping the outflow of proprietary information to protect any further loss and minimize the damage that could arise.