Peregrine is supporting the staff at the Electronic Warfare Training Group Atlantic (EWTGL) at Joint Expeditionary Base (JEB) Little Creek, VA from a knowledge management / information management (KM/IM) aspect using a Microsoft SharePoint Portal.  In this particular instance data that is received from many sources is reduced to its minimum essential informational elements and in a format, that can be easily understood and acted on.  The Peregrine Subject Matter Expert (SME) utilizes IM/KM tools and procedures providing the means for conducting expedient collaboration events and sharing information effectively to support quality, responsive decision making.  Specifically, the staff at EWTGL use SharePoint as a central collaboration tool available to all staff and students for specific types of information that often are predictable. SharePoint allows the positioning of the required information at its anticipated points of needed speeds that flow and reduce demands on the communications system (e.g., using public folders to post required information or using shared drives as a central repository for important information).  The use of this central repository for pertinent information enables the reliable and secure flow of information which must be commensurate with EWTGLANT’s training environment.