SPAWAR Incubator 8(a)

Peregrine is a prime on this SPAWAR Atlantic contract that is an IDIQ vehicle to allow developing 8a corporations to transition in their small business lifespan.  We have completed one task order, where our SMEs performed on three separate efforts, each of which demonstrated system complexity and required iterative effort against technical milestones, cybersecurity requirements implementation, analysis/assessment, and documentation.  Specifically, the Peregrine staff developed and maintained DIACAP/RMF/PRA documentation in multiple iterations completed against technical event milestones. These included but were not limited to: Certification & Accreditation Plan, DIP, Configuration Management Plan, IAVM Plan, Incident Response Plan, Contingency Plan, Validation Report, POA&M Scorecard and RAR. Peregrine’s SMEs provided support to the system’s eMASS entries and with workflow, and they developed/maintained a repository for all IA certification and accreditation documentation. Peregrine personnel executed System Testing & Engineering on devices and switches within the accreditation boundary, and conducted a complete analysis on automated and manual test results for ST&E for completeness and accuracy. In addition, Peregrine performed risk analysis on test results and documented them in system POA&M, Validation Report, False Positives Report, and Scorecard. Peregrine performed in a dynamic environment by developing, implementing and advising in all areas related to IAVA Management and FISMA Compliance, plus providing Information System Security Engineering (ISSE) support as-identified by the government, to assist with identifying and decomposing IA requirements into engineering plans, schematics, diagrams, and requirement-specification documents, to reduce requirement volatility, identify, and manage risk.