Peregrine is the prime contractor for the current Career Management System-Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID) system serves as the baseline for the Billet Based Distribution (BBD) capability.  This is an existing system supporting the Distribution and Assignment Functional Areas and a key enabler of Sea Warrior business capabilities. CMS-ID provides an integrated web-based architecture that provides critical functionality to the detailing and assignment processes for Active and Reserve Component Enlisted personnel.  The objective of BBD development team is to replace the current inventory-based requisition generation process with automated functionality, which is requirements driven, inventory-balanced, and position-based. This process will improve the ability of distribution personnel and other stakeholders to view and assess the degree of alignment, maximize Fit given available resources, and where possible improve readiness. The BBD development effort will allow commands and distribution personnel to more reliably assess a vacant position's impact on readiness. Ultimately, BBD will promote improved readiness across the fleet from a smaller, yet increasingly capable workforce.  BBD will provide Navy personnel billet assignments to meet Global Force Management Data Initiative (GFM DI) and Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy (DRRS-N) requirements for Active Component (AC) enlisted and Full Time Support (FTS) personnel and billets.