Tele-Radiology AuditingAuditing

Peregrine is supporting the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, VA as a prime contractor for the Digital Imaging Network Picture Archive and Communications System (DINPACS) Auditing effort.  For this effort, our Peregrine Team is utilizing a growing technological advance, known as Tele-Radiology, which allows for the real-time reading of any x-ray results, in the absence of a Doctor, to alleviate wait time. This service is provided for active duty Navy personnel, their dependents, eligible Navy civilian employees, and other eligible beneficiaries; allowing patients to send their results via online, to a hub, where an on-duty specialist is ready to provide a reading of the x-ray and return results to the patients within minutes. This cuts down the patient’s wait by days, and even at times, weeks.

In addition, the Tele-Radiology technology can also be utilized by persons stationed in foreign locations, including Japan and Guam, with 30 highly trained specialists working around the clock to help make this happen. This staff includes radiologists, pediatricians, diagnosticians, and more. Personnel in certain positions also require specific certifications, maintaining certification throughout employment, and continuing education by attending training to enhance/continue performing at the required level, to ensure excellent performance. 

Peregrine’s Team is also responsible for troubleshooting, workflow analysis, documenting and reporting all radiological image quality and workflow deficiencies.  They provide training to the X-ray technologist staff as directed in areas such as patient positioning, image techniques, imaging protocols, etc., including specialized  Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) clinical and radiology staff training and generic PACS training.  Peregrine’s highly skilled team members are responsible for making presentations at quality control meetings, and providing statistical reports to the Government PACS Administrator and the Radiology Department Head.