H2L Peregrine HBZ JV

The SBA changed the regulations wrt HBZ JVs last August, that makes it easier for a non-HBZ company to team as a JV.  The new regulation departs from the limitation on joint venture participation and allows a HUBZone to joint venture with any small business—whether a qualified HUBZone or not–as well as with large mentor firms.  One of the big advantages of this JV approach (over the standard prime-sub) is the ability to combine past performance.  Peregrine has stood up a new HBZ JV with H2L of Huntsville as they are a cyber security SB HBZ.  This is a standard HUBZone JV, per 13 C.F.R. 126.616(a) that allows HUBZones to JV with other small businesses.  Both businesses must be small for the NAICS code of the opportunity the JV is pursuing.