Data Breach Coach

Peregrine can provide comprehensive cyber-attack response services, including the role of Data Breach Coach so as to focus the team’s efforts and assure a comprehensive and cost effective response to the event. Our senior staff have all held positions in command centers and large organizations where they have managed disparate groups of personnel and are used to working in ad hoc and often chaotic crisis efforts.  As Data Breach Coach, Peregrine will coordinate with legal counsel to ensure compliance with applicable law, oversee the restoration efforts of the affected database system(s), employ cyber forensics to identify why/when/how the breach occurred, secure a notification service and mailing center to make the required notifications to affected individuals and businesses, and secure a public relations firm to minimize adverse publicity in media and social networks.  The Data Breach Coach will ensure that the notices will be in accordance with state and federal regulations, that forms are provided for notices in each jurisdiction, that the notices are tracked and provided at the correct time and that all notification actions are responsive.