Success Stories

Journal of Information Warfare and Cyber Base

Dr Leigh Armistead and Peregrine Technical Solutions were selected in October 2012 to provide additional support to the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW). JIW is moving forward with a new Chief Editor, Dr Leigh Armistead, as well as maintaining our excellence by bringing back Dr Bill Hutchinson as the Deputy Editor. As many of you know, Bill founded this esteemed journal 15 years ago, and the staff of the JIW wanted to bring him back so that this publication could focus on its original intent – namely to deliver high quality, highly technical papers on cutting edge IW and Cyber Warfare topics. This will be done by linking closely with the academic IW conferences, to deliver new and exciting articles for publication in the JIW.    

In addition, a new site is being stood up to share information on academic, operational, strategic and tactical on areas such as IA, IO, Cyber Security and Warfare. As part of this effort JIW and a new publication, the Cyber Operations Journal (COJ) will also be stood up as an operational and tactical online journal to discuss Cyber Issues on a timely basis. This journal will discuss actual cyber war strategies, tactics, techniques, legal issues, pros, cons and bleeding edge issues. Ongoing issues will definitely include China and Russia, hopefully including articles from their experts, as well.

FISMA Compliance

Peregrine has a proven record of helping expedite the process for meeting FISMA compliance requirements. Our senior staff, while working for Honeywell, received a Letter of Commendation while conducted similar efforts:

“During FY 06 and culminating in the fourth quarter, Honeywell has provided Certification & Accreditation support to attain congressionally mandated 80% Approval to Operate (ATO) rate for DoD Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA) compliance. The Navy historically experienced an extremely low compliance rate of just over 50% ATOs. As the compliance deadline approached during the fourth quarter of FY 2006, organizations and commands across the Navy submitted a virtual flood of requests for ATOs for their FISMA-reportable systems, creating a severe backlog of packages at the ODAA. Many of the submissions became “lost” in the hold queue because they were unsuccessful in identifying systems as FISMA-reportable, and frequently failed to provide the same system name, making it virtually impossible to identify and prioritize these time sensitive requests from the hundreds of routine ATO requests competing for action. The Honeywell team initiated and refined a thorough screening and review methodology to identify and prioritize the FISMA reportable requests from among the nearly 200 requests awaiting action at any given time in the ODAA’s internal “Tasker Database.” The newly designed process compared the internal Tasker Database against the Department of the Navy (DoN) database and highlighted all FISMA reportable packages for priority handling. This effort provided continuous visibility of FISMA reportable packages on hand, allowing analysts to instantly recognize and prioritize them for action. The customer was finally able to quantify the actual number of priority packages on-hand and shift additional analysts to the effort. This enabled the ODAA to maximize output of critical FISMA packages prior to the September 2006 deadline, allowing the Navy to successfully achieve ATO status for enough systems to push the DoD scorecard over the mandated milestone of 80% system ATOs.”

Supporting Key Cyber Commands

In March of 2014, Dr. Leigh Armistead, President, Peregrine Technical Solutions along with the Information Assurance Directorate (IAD), National Security Agency (NSA) are pleased to announce a collaborative effort for the April 2014 edition of the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW). In this special JIW issue, a number of highly technical subject matter experts from NSA will produce a unique unclassified publication that focuses on cyber security efforts in realizing “Confidence in Cyberspace.”

Peregrine Employee Wanda Culp Co-Produces of Award Winning Documentary - Walking in Two Worlds

Wanda Culp, a long-time Peregrine employee is a key participant in this effort that showcases the Tlingit culture, as well as the Tongass Forest in Alaska which covers 17 million acres.  The film is professionally produced, narrated by well-known actor Peter Coyote and it has won many awards. This documentary captures the story of the ancestral rituals of the Tlingit and Haida tribes to include their dances and how their matriarchal society is rooted in their animal clans and illustrated on their totems. This film follows a Tlingit native brother and sister who, with their mother, adapted to western values and what consequences these values had for them, their tribe, and ultimately the forest.  Wanda is recognized as a Story teller, Cultural Interpreter, Playwright, and co-producer of Walking in Two Worlds. To see more about this movie, please visit its website at

Economic Gardening Grant for York County

Peregrine was among the first set of companies selected to receive the Economic Gardening Grant for York County. This grant is awarded by the York County Economic Development Authority to small businesses in order to support their efforts to bring more business and economic development into the local area.