The Hampton Roads Cybersecurity Education, Workforce, and Economic Development Alliance.  The Hampton Roads Cybersecurity Education, Workforce, and Economic Development Alliance (HR Cyber) is a collaborative partnership between multiple educational institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private employers focused on developing educational pathways from high school, through community college, to four year institutions, and continual professional development, that provides a capable and fully trained cybersecurity workforce for the region. The Alliance will leverage the NICE Framework to address cyber workforce needs and increase the pipeline of students pursuing cybersecurity careers.

HRCyber Goals:

Goal 1: Coordinate educational pathways between public high schools, community colleges, and four year institutions

Goal 2: Gather information from the regional workforce about the knowledge units taught in cybersecurity programs and revise those curricula where needed.

Goal 3: Coordinate academic programming between educational institutions and workforce.

Goal 4: Strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities of the regional workforce.

HRCyber Tasks and Initiatives:

• Hold monthly alliance meetings

·         Conduct focus groups/workforce demand assessment

• Produce cybersecurity career videos

• Create HRCyberwebsite

• Create articulation agreements

• DACUM process

• Create virtual lab and train professors how to use it

• Revise curricula

• Cyber Saturday events

• Develop new cybersecurity internship/apprenticeship opportunities

• Host workshops for counselors, coaches, and advisors

• Participate in STEM Trifecta Challenge

• Workforce development summit

      • HRCyberevaluation