Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP)

Army National Guard
Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP)

Overview:  Peregrine Technical Solutions, LLC. (Peregrine) is the prime contractor for the RSP effort with 312 personnel supporting the ARNG in 187 locations in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and three territories.  We have been supporting this effort on the previous contract since December 2014, with outstanding success.

Background:  As applicants are enlisted into the Army National Guard, there is a period of time from when they actually swear-in and become an enlistee, to when they attend Basic Combat Training and school for their military occupation specialty, and then are subsequently assigned to a unit as a qualified Soldier.  Without intensive management, many of the enlistees fail to attend and/or graduate from their military schooling for a number of reasons including; medical issues, physical fitness and failure to adapt.  The RSP is able to focus on these loss reasons and mitigate these issues prior to a Soldier attending his/her Initial Active Duty Training. Management and oversight of this population is the responsibility of the RSP within each state, territory and the District of Columbia. Each RSP provides a cadre of military and contracted personnel in support of the program objectives. 

Program Objectives:  There are three main objectives of the RSP—(1) to ensure that new Soldiers are mentally prepared for the challenges future training will entail, (2) that each Soldier’s personnel records are administratively correct, and (3) that each Soldier is physically fit and ready to meet the rigors of Basic Combat Training. 

Contractor’s Roll:  The RSP contract force is regarded as the administrative backbone of the organization.  The contract is a manpower vehicle that is operational and mission focused.  The primary function of the 298 state level positions is to provide shipper packet quality control and Vulcan application maintenance and accuracy.  The contract force is ultimately responsible for Shipper Quality Control, and we currently maintain a 99% ranking nationally, exceeding the goal established by the National Guard Bureau (NGB). The importance of Shipper Quality Control was recognized by the entire force and this enabled the organization to surpass what everyone thought was an unobtainable goal.  The contract force is also responsible for making the Vulcan application a premier system within NGB.  It not only provides critical data on each Soldier, it has become the primary communication vehicle between training installations and the Soldier’s RSP site.  This allows for immediate exchange of information associated with each Soldier while at training.

Contract Oversight:  The Program Manager for the RSP contract is Mr. Rollie Ehlert.  Rollie is a former North Dakota guardsman who leads a robust professional management team including seven regional managers and a quality control team with training development and   training pipeline management responsibilities.  For additional information on the RSP, please contact the Program Manager at