Cyber Warfare

Peregrine has an experienced IW Team that knows Cyber Warfare and US DOD Information Operations/Information Warfare and currently implements this methodology for our customers on a daily basis. Our President serves as the Chief Editor of the Journal of Information Warfare, a double-blind peer reviewed journal; the Program Director of the International Conference of Cyber Warfare and Security; and the Vice-Chair Working Group 9.10 – Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Uses in Peace and War.

Our personnel also have extensive Cyber Network Operations (CNO) knowledge and credentials, as well as comprehensive and current practical IO experience.  We are small and agile, but we are backed by a deep corporate administrative group, which gives us reach-back to an established team of human resources and contract support professionals.  This lets us respond to our customers’ needs with the resources of a large corporation.  Peregrine brings the following values:

  • Trust – An experienced IW Team that knows Cyber Warfare and US DOD Cyber Security methodology.  This translates into a low-risk, high-quality team that can get the job done.
  • Superior Task Management – Seasoned professionals who understand the CNO environment, as well as corporate reach-back support that is second to none, and the portal tools to track progress ensuring on-time delivery at a low cost
  • Value driven mindset – Top quality IA/IO/IW professionals, all certified, all properly credentialed, and all cleared.