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Cyber Apprenticeship and Workforce Development

Peregrine is the first corporation to develop a Department of Labor (DoL) approved cyber Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and a Youth Registered Apprenticeship (YRA) at both the federal and State levels.  We are currently providing technical assistance to companies desiring to create new cyber apprenticeships; advising them during the process from planning through implementation. By doing this, Peregrine can expedite a successful outcome as we take an already-approved process and scale it up to support cyber workforce efforts in dispersed locations throughout the nation. Our methodology will solve the problem of meeting growing demand for a trained and certified cybersecurity workforce on an expedited basis, while reducing costs and mitigating retention issues, as well as recruiting candidates in economically depressed areas.

We are also one of the first 18 organizations selected by the DoL to be recognized as a Standards Recognition Entity (SRE), As a new SRE, we plan to  focus on cyber-security Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs) nation-wide,, which will enable us to help other companies to start their own IRAPs. We can also help other companies start their own IRAPs, and we have been recognized for our expertise with this article from Inc,    

Why would an employer want to set up an IRAP, ie what is the benefit to them? Because most defense contractors struggle with the security clearance, and an apprenticeship is a great vehicle to overcome that issue.  Likewise, most certifications are focused on either Comptia A+, Security + or Network +, while many employers need other skillsets or specific training. This is where the new Dol SRE and IRAPs offer significant advantages to employers to include a pathway to a security clearance, training based on a large number of different certifications, plus a shorter timeframe, using part-time personnel, in a process that is less cumbersome than a traditional registered apprenticeship, or provides better results than an internship. If any local corporation or academic organization is interested in learning more about the IRAPs, or how they can work with Peregrine to set one up, the contact data is shown here – Dr. Leigh Armistead, President, [email protected], (757) 871-3949.