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Free Cyber Security Webinars

Virtual Summit: HUBZone Small Business

Use DoL Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs to Train Cybersecurity Staff in HUBZones
Presented by: Dr. Leigh Armistead, CISSP, Peregrine President

Tune in live on September 22, 2021 after registering for free at

Staying Safe: Transformation of Digital Plants While Maintaining Cybersecurity

Digitization is bringing a lot of positive qualities into the Oil and Natural Gas industry, especially with the use and opportunity of wireless technology and the Internet. Historically, control systems for electrical, pipelines, and various other systems utilized by the Oil and Natural Gas industry were not connected to the internet and did not have to abide by cybersecurity regulations. As part of a broader effort, The Department of Energy has developed a new maturity model to help improve cybersecurity capabilities. Platforms are being created for employees to use advanced technology at the job site and even when they are not present. Ipads and handhelds are being introduced into the industry and changing the way we work.

This session will discuss the benefits that digitization is bringing into the plants and steps to take to prevent against hackers. Watch the full webinar session here.

  • Discussion on the applicability of technologies and any challenges
  • Looking into what technologies are most important for the industry
  • Lessons learned and success rates in delivering tangible results from digital
  • Effectively and consistently evaluating and benchmarking cybersecurity capabilities
  • Prioritizing actions and investments to improve cybersecurity

Mitigating Security Risks of New Technology into the T&D System

The Biden administration is rapidly working towards strengthening the US power grid, calling for industry leaders to install technologies that can prevent cyber-attacks. With the influx of new technologies to enhance reliability, profitability and the integration of renewable energy and storage into the current system, this discussion will explore the best fit and viable methods to improve demands, site management and distribute resources.

Join us as our technical executives from leading companies AEP, Eversource and PSE&G identify how they navigate around their T&D system to protect their data, manage risk and minimize internal disruption ensuring operational efficiencies and IP protection. Watch the full webinar session here.